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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

(Un)Happy Meals

So, like all good parents, we decided to take McDonald's away from the kids a few weeks ago. Kids love that!

No, we didn't do it because it is so gloriously unhealthy. Let's face it, sometimes we all need a fat burger and some fries. We did it because we felt like hypocrites when we were feeding the chickens organic fruits and veggies and allowing our kids to consume the flesh of a thousand sad cows in one filthy bite. And, that's how I sold Jude on it as well.

I talked to him about the difference between happy animals - like our chickens, and the cows we see in the fields around our house - and the cows and chickens who live their lives like this:

Harris Ranch feedlot

"Free range" factory farm chickens

And I have to say, I'm proud of Jude's response. He didn't freak, like I'd anticipated. Instead he wanted McDonald's to change their policies so that he could return to their burgers and, more importantly, their toys. He asked if we could go home, after our stop at animal-friendly Good Times (free range beef and Humane-certified chickens - it can be done!), and write Mr. McDonald a letter. He wanted me to put it in his mailbox. So, by the power of the internets, let's see if we can get it there. (He was dictating, hence the reference of himself in third person.)

Dear McDonald's,

Jude and Mama don't like your food because you be mean to your cows and chickens. Please be nice to them because you guys be really mean to your chickens and cows. Jude misses your toys and Jude loves animals. He cares for them very much. And when we get goats Jude will be very nice to them and not be mean so they don't head butt him and kick him in the face.

Thank you very much for listening to this note.

Jude and Mama


AudioGeek-JDavis said...

That Jude is a good kid. Careful with those goats kiddo!

Claudia said...

Change has to start somewhere. You go, Jude! So proud of you.

Kris Bryan! said...

Actually, Judey Boy is speaking in the third person because he's Kris Bryan's nephew. I love him so bad!

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