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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Big Fat Basement Reveal!

Unlike the actual renovation, let's make this quick and to the point. We came, we saw, we painted. It's glorious.

If you recall, we started here:
And after some intense cleaning, purging, scraping, priming and painting, now we're here:

I'd pan out, but the rest of the room is filthy. Much like my paint speckled hair, which looks like dandruff and old age had a baby. 

But the built-in is beautiful! 

Thank you Martha Stewart "Plumage" in eggshell. Thank you off-the-shelf toxic oil-based paint in bright white. (My children may have damage to their nervous systems but at least my doors don't stick.) And thank you Gabe - I know you hate to paint but this makes me so happy. Hewey too - he looks right at home.

What should we do next?!


Rooskie said...

Love it! I'd go for the reno on your cool sideboard down there - (relatively) quick gratification + more motivation to tackle some big stuff!

Keep rockin' friend,


Amber said...

That looks awesome, great job!

Claudia said...

Looks fabulous. My house next?

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