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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cooking Science Class

I have to confess that sometimes it's hard to find ways to fill the days with the boys. Well, Aidan still just eats, sleeps and poops, so really it's Jude. We love us some Pixar, but you have to mix it up. I can't have daycare doing a better job of raising him than I do! At least not every day.

Introducing: Cooking Science Class. This is a fun way to fill the morning...and a fabulous excuse for me to bake. Since nursing burns the same calories as a nice fat run, I'm not going to sweat it. For now.

Class #1 was cupcakes. My cookies are great, my cupcakes suck. They never rise correctly and they spread out across the pan in a mess. Frosting helps, but mostly it just pisses me off. Yesterday I stumbled onto the best blog about high altitude cupcake baking. My life is permanently altered.

Perfect vanilla cupcakes!

Perfectly rounded, perfectly dense and crumbly (I don't like spongy cupcakes), perfectly delicious in our bellies. I ate four, if we are going for total disclosure. But to be fair, this was my first satisfying cupcake fix since we left Los Angeles and the magical world of Sprinkles.

Please note the professional frosting. Thank you Ziploc baggie with the corner cut off. You do just fine in a pinch. I feel like I won my own personal Cupcake War. (I watch way too many cooking shows.)

Quick cupcake consumption tip, courtesy of my pal Monica: rip and flip that little sucker. Easy to eat, and you get frosting in every bite.

Ah. It was a successful morning, I have to say. I felt a little Supermom-ish. And I left the clean-up for my husband. Win win.

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K24 said...

Look at that scientific mess! Poor, poor, unsuspecting Gabby...

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